Neue Arbeiten

street scene with many people looking in their smartphones while sitting in a cafe, in a car, walking across the street and landing with an air balloon
16.03.2023   Look up! Smartphone etiquette
5 Bilder © Simon Bailly
animation of people with a Christmas tree
15.03.2023   So kommt der Baum nach Hause
© Clo'e Floirat
a small girls nestled in a big cat
14.03.2023   Wie Tiere fühlen
4 Bilder © Isabel Seliger
girl and dog on a mono wheel taking pictures with a tablet
20.02.2023   Clo'e Floirat – unsere neue Illustratorin
5 Bilder © Clo'e Floirat
book cover with a big eye and under water scene of the book The Swarm
01.02.2023   Sonderausgabe »Der Schwarm«
© Francesco Bongiorni
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