a man with a colorful tree growing out of his head


We welcome the French illustrator Emmanuel Polanco in our Portfolio!

© Emmanuel Polanco

people in a Christmas parade with Santa Clause, an Angel and a Nutcracker


Anton Hallmann illustrated our Season's greetings. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

© Anton Hallmann

person balancing between scary faces on displays

big smiling face on a display and a scared patient on a dentist chair
cake from a 3d printer


»Showing Teeth« is a short story by the writer Katharina Adler. Francesco Bongiorni illustrated the visit to the dentist of the future. Pubished by Chrismon magazine.

© Francesco Bongiorni

portrait in mixed media of truganini


»Truganini« is considered the last survivor of the Aborigines of Tasmania. A collage for the Boulevard of Heroes in The Red Bulletin magazine.

© Bene Rohlmann

female doctor, child, men in front of a hospital and watering a tree


#AgendaGesundheit is the company report 2020 of health insurance AOK Baden-Württemberg »Thinking about tomorrow«.

© Anton Hallmann

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